On Wednesday 11 January 2017, two teams of students got the opportunity to host a VEX Robotics ‘Scrimmage’ against Bodmin College.

Both teams were already through to the Nationals round of this robotics competition, and so the scrimmage was simply for practice and fun – allowing the teams to try some new tactics against one another (and show off their robots!).

This year, Colyton had both a sixth form and lower school team – thanks to the second robotics kit donated by VEX, and so this was the first time that the younger team had had the opportunity to compete.

Whilst Bodmin won the scrimmage overall with their impressive pneumatics system, it gave all the teams an opportunity to consider some modifications to their design in preparation for the next few competitions (Regionals in February and then Nationals).

Both teams enjoyed the event, despite the problems they encountered (such as getting the robot stuck beneath the fence – a bar that divides the arena) and are looking forward to the next stage in the competition.

As well as the scrimmage, the CGS Sixth Form Team has entered an online challenge to create a ‘storybook’ illustrating their time as an all-girls robotics team.

Here is the link to their Photo Book page: https://www.photobox.co.uk/creation/4653162445

By Tallie B, student reporter