Following on from a morning workshop for primary schools hosted at CGS last November, five Year 12 students, accompanied by History teacher Mrs Brooker, were invited to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter to meet Project Conservator Sarah Klopf, for a coin conservation workshop.

The students worked with the famous ‘Seaton Down Hoard‘– a collection of 22,888 Roman coins found near Seaton in November 2013, and made in the reign of Emperor Constantine. It is by far the largest coin hoard found in Devon and the third largest ever found in Britain.

Students learnt about the science behind corrosion in copper and worked with double-lens microscopes, experimenting on their own coin from the hoard. They also worked on cleaning a coin using satay sticks and scalpels.

“It was great, I loved learning about the history and the science of the coins – I didn’t think that I’d have to use the second law of thermodynamics in this setting”, said one student.

By student reporter, Safi L