In November, two school teams successfully competed in Round 1 of the English-Speaking Union’s Public Speaking Competition at Blundell’s School, Tiverton.

The year 11 team successfully qualified for the Exeter and District Final, with team member Edmund K, being awarded best speaker of the evening after making a speech asking, “Is America still a land of opportunity?”.

Other team members were Nathan B and Tristan C.

Similarly, the Year 9 team of Talia T, Olga D, and speaker Grace S, expertly navigated a speech discussing whether “Ecotourism is not as good as it sounds”.

Naomi E, Todd O and other sixth formers coached the students for the competition in a weekly Public Speaking club.

English teacher Mrs Love said: “Both teams performed in a polished fashion. I was particularly impressed by how Edmund and Grace were able to think on their feet, fielding questions fluently and with insight.”

The competition challenges students to engage with wide-ranging cross-curricular topics, whilst helping to meet National Curriculum speaking and listening targets. It is the largest public speaking competition in the UK, with over 400 teams entering each year.

By student reporter, Megan T

ESU comp - Nov 2016 (1).jpg