Year 12 students Sam G and Emeline P have gained places at the ‘Principia’ conference at the University of Portsmouth, for their work in the Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘Rocket Science’ initiative.

Last year, schools in the UK each received 120 seeds: 60 had been on the International Space Station with astronaut Tim Peake on his ‘Principia’ mission, and the other 60 had remained on Earth.

At Colyton, Sam and Emeline assisted year 9 students in growing, testing and recording the behaviour of the seeds before sending them off to be analysed by a team of biostatisticians.

They then took their work a step further by writing up their findings and researching similar studies. Their work was sent to the UK Space Agency which rewarded them with places at the Portsmouth Principia Conference in November.

They will present posters and models showing their project to a panel of judges, including astronaut Tim Peake, who will also be giving talks about his time in space.

Emeline said: “I’m really glad that I could be part of this new scientific experiment and am very much looking forward to going to the conference and maybe meeting Tim Peake himself.”

By Megan T, student reporter

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