Sixth Form students give presentation at SWAT Teaching and Learning Conference

Sixth Form students Todd O and Phoebe T, recently gave a presentation on independent learning at the South West Academic Trust (SWAT) Phoebe T & Todd O - June 2016Teaching and Learning Conference at the University of Exeter.

SWAT is a partnership of leading selective schools in the Southwest, that work together to raise achievement and improve schooling in the region. Todd and Phoebe’s presentation, entitled ‘Independent Learning – thinkers or do-ers?’, was given to a room packed with teachers and provided the ‘student voice’ at the conference.

Evidenced by a survey they had conducted earlier in the year, Todd and Phoebe discussed how students perceive independent learning, whether they think that it is useful or important, and how it can be improved.

This was followed by a challenging question and answer session, and finally by their audience of teachers offering congratulations and asking for advice.

Mrs Harvey, Head of English at Colyton and who also spoke at the conference, said: “I was very impressed by the confidence with which they spoke, especially as some of the questions were particularly challenging!”

By student reporter Megan T