15-year old Tallie B has recently had success as runner-up in a prestigious national short story competition.
The Reader’s Digest 100-Word-Story competition has been running for 6 years. The top stories in each age category are published together and then readers are asked to vote on-line for their favourite.  “I just entered for fun”, Tallie said when talking about the success of ‘Trapped’ and “as for the other stories, I thought they were both really good”, she added.

By student reporter Millie D

Here is Tallie’s entry:

They were coming. They had killed Michael’s wife yesterday—her death, painful. He hurried through the house, followed by footsteps and cries.


“Before he escapes!”

Backing into the bathroom, Michael saw no escape. He darted for the only hiding place—the bathtub. Michael crouched inside, trembling. The footsteps got louder.


Michael scrambled to escape but it was too slippery. He heard the whirring as their machine fired up. It was held above him, pulling and he was suddenly lifted. He braced his legs against the opening—all eight of them, but it was too powerful.

“Spider’s gone, kids!”

Tallie Blanshard - April 2016.jpg