Four Year eight students travelled to Bath University in May, to take part in an event as part of the Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry.  The festivals are an initiative of the Salters’ Institute. Their objective is to help promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences amongst the young.

Competing against 10 other schools, the team had to apply skills of observation, deduction, and careful experiment to identify the victim and chief suspect of a fictional murder.  The team successfully completed five challenges involving techniques such as chromatography, test tube analysis, and manipulation of chemical reactions, achieving first place overall.

Another challenge, “Save the TARDIS”, involved students using sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, with the aim of reducing the temperature of a beaker of water to 10.5 degrees C in one minute.

As well as individual certificates, the team also won three sets of molecular models for the Chemistry department.

Team member Grace S said: “I think the trip really enhanced our knowledge and showed us how much fun chemistry can be when applied to potentially realistic scenarios.”

By student reporter Safi L

IMG_6029 (1).JPG

Team: Annabelle M, Grace S, Sasha S, Rebecca N