Year 12 student Elsa G, has achieved the amazing feat of coming third in a national competition despite being much younger than the other competitors

As part of her pitch to take part in a Goethe Institut-sponsored ‘Olympiad’ in Germany, she produced a video which so impressed the judges that she was one of only seven chosen to compete in London.

Throughout the day, as well as showing off her German skills, she also had to show creativity and teamwork as she worked with the other students to create group presentations on the topic of ‘school’, as well as a variety of other creative tasks. “I was quite surprised to come third as all of the other competitors were very impressive,” Elsa said.

The Olympiad, open to all schools, was organised by the Goethe Institut, but as a PASCH school (a partner in the ‘Schools: Partners for the Future’ project), German students at Colyton were encouraged to take part.

Elsa (17) plans to further her language education at university and says: “I am really glad to have taken part, as it was a very interesting experience and helped my German speaking”.

By student reporter Tallie B

Elsa Garner - Goethe Institut May 2016.jpg