Gurdial Singh, from the Bristol Gurdwara, has visited the school to talk to Year 7 Religious Education students, as they have been learning about Sikhism this term.

Mr Singh, who has lived in Britain since he was 10, spoke about the important aspects of his religion, including how it was founded and the importance of “the 5 Ks”, before showing students pictures of the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Mr Singh had brought many examples of the significant objects of Sikhism, including the Kirpan (steel sword) and a turban which one of the students had the opportunity to wear.
One student, Ollie B, said that Mr Singh was “very happy to answer all our questions” and it was interesting to hear the “clear and concise explanations”.

The RE department hosts a number of visits from practitioners from various religions throughout the year.

By student reporter Ellen W

Sikh visitor - May 2016.jpg

Photo: Y7 student Zack C with Mr Singh