No fewer than five Colyton Grammar School teams completed the Ten Tors challenge on Dartmoor in early May, a fantastic achievement and a new record for the school.  There were two 35 mile teams, one 45 mile team, two 55 mile teams and a few students also walked with teams from other organisations.

Mrs Lear, deputy team manager, said: “The Ten Tors training this year has been an absolute pleasure, with the dedication and quality of trainees being evident from the outset. We are so proud of them all”.

Most teams had a very early start, with the 55 mile team waking up at 3am to start walking at 5am on one morning. The teams were faced with the challenge of dry, warm weather in contrast to months of training in mostly wet, windy and cold conditions.

Grace H, who completed 45 miles said: “It was a challenging but rewarding experience and worth all the hard work”.

A truly spectacular performance by the senior Colyton team resulted in them being the first 55 mile team to come in.

By student reporter Emilia A

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