On a Saturday in February, two young organists – brothers Greg S (16)  and Guy S (14), travelled to Salisbury Cathedral for a chance to play the great Father Willis Organ.

This is one of the most impressive instruments in the country built in 1877 by ‘Father’ Henry Willis.

Greg writes of his experience:  “There were about 22 young musicians attending this event.  After registration we sat in the choir pews and were given information about the organ and how it works. Then we took it in turns to play our prepared pieces.  As the organ loft is quite small, there was a projector screen which allowed us to watch each other perform. We each played a piece of our choice and the day concluded with a recital by John Challenger – the Assistant Director of Music at the cathedral.

Both Guy and I performed well although it was quite nerve-racking. It was a great opportunity and we really enjoyed it.”

Greg Susevee - Salisbury Organ Feb 2016