A very large black tunnel has appeared in T2.  The strange piping is in fact part of the Year 11 technology class’s Engineering Education Scheme project. The EES provides work related learning within an industrial enterprise context.

The Y11 group is working with AMSafe, a major textiles engineering company based in Bridport, to develop a process for the application of a solution on a product belonging to the company – the Tarian net – which is used for armoured vehicles.

The group have named the black tube the ‘test tunnel’ as it helps them to find the optimum airspeed for drying the Tarian nets, whilst ensuring that the process is energy efficient.

One member of the group, Jason W, has contacted the Technical Director of Torin-Sifan, a major fan supplier, to find a speed controllable fan that they can use.  The air is drawn in from the fan on the left and is blown through the tube before passing over the net, which is inside the tube on the right-hand side.

By student reporter Ellen W

tech black tunnel.jpg