Recently a group of European educationalists, including a Head Teacher, a Chief Education Officer and Humanities and English teachers from France and Germany, visited Colyton Grammar School as part of a fact-finding visit to South West England.

The visitors spent a day in the school in an intensive set of meetings and observation.

Year 11 student Caroline W, from Sidbury, who helped show the visitors around said that they showed a “genuine interest in the school.”

The day was spent sitting in on a variety of lessons and looking at the differences between English and French schools.

Mr Banks, Head of Languages, said he was, “very pleased to be able to host the five visitors.”

“By the end of the day they were exhausted, but had had a very fulfilling experience,” he added.

By Eden S, Student Reporter


Photo: The visitors with Headteacher Mrs Wainwright (far left) and Mr Banks (far right)