During November, staff and students have been taking part in ‘Switch Off Fortnight’, a national campaign toraise awareness of wasteful energy consumption, aimed at reducing the school’s energy bills by 10% within two weeks.

On Friday 20 November the school held a ‘No Lights Day’ to raise awareness of how much energy is wasted when excess lights are left on.

Members of the school’s ‘Green Society’ have been campaigning, monitoring and reading the school’s energy meters on a regular basis to highlight energy consumption, and they also held a lunchtime ‘Energy Quiz’.

Student team:
Leo W – Monitoring tutor rooms for energy wastage
Jasper T – Meter readings and data presentation
Todd O – Assemblies and communications officer
Will N – Energy Quiz Master

Deputy Head Mr Stidwell said, “It’s vital that we all do our bit to save energy and cut down on waste. Not only will it help preserve resources, it’s economic common sense too.”