An impressive 39 Year 11 students have been awarded Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.

This prestigious award requires completing one task in each of three sections – Skills, Volunteering and Physical – over three months, and then extending one of the choices for a further three months. Chosen activities this time ranged from volunteering in local charity shops, to learning badminton and teaching sport skills to younger children.

Students then took part in a two-day expedition over a weekend.

Year 11 student Eleanor T said: “I enjoyed completing my Bronze DofE as it gave me an opportunity to do a range of things I would not have done otherwise, and I had fun doing the expedition with my friends!”

In addition, the school heard recently that two former students – Aimee Browning and Harriet Welch – have been awarded the prestigious Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Harriet (19) from Whitford, and Aimee (21) from Exeter, began the Award while still at school.

Ruth Bint, Head of Administration for DofE Devon, congratulated the students and thanked long-time volunteer parent organiser Meg Williams for her work with the students.

By student reporter Tallie B