What do year 11 feel after their first year in the three year sixth form?

Students at Colyton complete all of their GCSEs in Y10 and then spend three years in an extended sixth form curriculum experience. At the end of the first year, Y11 reflect on the experience so far.


Year 11 has been a really enjoyable year for me and I have learnt a lot from all the opportunities that I have taken, including the learning project, work experience as well as continuing to be involved in a variety of musical events. I have just returned from a choir tour in Nuremberg and I really enjoyed singing a variety of pieces in some beautiful cathedrals and churches. This tour is just one example of steps that I have made in enriching my knowledge and appreciation of being part of such an exciting sixth form.

Having completed my GCSEs a year early, I have had a year which has prepared me for the challenging two years to come.

I am very glad I have had an extra year of A-level life after my GCSEs, as year 11 has enabled me to develop as a more mature student in how I approach and complete my work. I have had more time to develop my interests in my subjects, particularly Geography, meaning I feel that I have a better understanding of my work than I would have done had I gone straight from GCSEs into year 12.

I feel like I have matured in year 11 because I have done more independent learning to aid my subjects, rather than just doing the work set by the teachers, enhancing my skills of perseverance, especially when I do not fully understand something. This has led to me having a greater understanding of my subjects so I feel like having the year extra will definitely help me in year 12 and 13.
Overall, I think that I matured since the end of year 10. I feel that my confidence has improved, having volunteered at three parent’s evenings and two open days, which I definitely would not have had the confidence to do in year 10. I think I have matured as an independent learner, encouraged by the learning journal, throughout the year.

Year 11 has been, in a phrase, an exciting year. On an academic level, I have developed significantly in terms of my enthusiasm and skill in all of my subjects, developing an excellent working relationship with all of my teachers as a result. The Independent Learning Project has helped me to develop a much-needed insight into the importance of time management, alongside a deeper understanding of some of the skills that I use both in English and in some of the extracurricular activities that I undertake.

I have spent a lot of time developing my understanding of topics which go above and beyond the A-Level course which is somewhat reflected in my Independent Learning Journal.

This year I have learnt how to work independently outside of lessons; for example having study periods means I have learnt to manage my own time during school hours as well as benefiting from other resources around the school, such as the library. In contrast to year 10, the work is considerably harder however only having four subjects means that each one gains more of my focus, both in and outside of school. Although there has been less pressure in year 11, I know the work we are doing is building up to the final A Level and therefore I have worked hard this year to try and achieve a grade C or above.

Having this extra year has given me time to do things that have developed me as a person such as two weeks of work experience. Unlike someone else going into year 12 having just done their GCSEs I feel I have a grasp of how difficult the subjects are and how much work I need to do to be able to pursue a desired future career.

I have also had to change the way I have learnt in school as we have been introduced to study periods. In order to successfully complete set work and enrichment activities has made me mature and become a more dedicated learner.

Year 11 has been a really exciting and interesting year for many different reasons. I feel as though I have improved greatly as a person in a social sense as well as an academic sense. At the beginning the work seemed like a huge step up from year 10 however that has now slowed and I am feeling settled in class.

I personally feel that I am a very different person to the one I was at the end of year ten. For one, I feel I have solidified my goals in life and have made progress towards them.

I feel I am far more mature than I was at the end of year 10; I am more independent and confident now compared to then. Through a higher capacity to learn independently, which I have gained over this year, I feel I will be able to progress easily into year 12.
Over the course of this year I feel I have become more independent, with the extra study periods … I had the freedom to organise how I worked and also had to go on and actually be organised to cope with the workload.

Based on my Y11 experience I fell that I am well placed to move into Y12 and then Y13 with a good attitude and better developed ability to manage my workload.

I think this year has helped me develop considerably since year 10, both in the academic aspect and general maturity. I feel more equipped to deal with A-Level study as I have a wider knowledge and awareness in my subjects not only for the parts included in the curriculum but also appreciating it in general news and how it interlinks with other modules of work. The introduction of study periods have also helped me to progress through set work with more depth and detail.

This year has been one of my favourite school years. I have been able to study the subjects I most enjoy in far greater detail, and I have had more time for further independent learning. I feel I have performed well in all my subjects this year, and I have greatly improved academically as a whole.

Over the past year, I feel that I have matured as a student, both as a person and the way that I approach my work. I feel that I have motivation for independent learning and I enjoy learning new things

I think that I have developed this year. I am now better at studying independently after a year’s worth of study periods, I am now better at getting on with my own work and not getting distracted.

As a person, I have become more able at organising my time and have become better placed to manage my time and am therefore more able to get better grades in my subject. I am therefore more able to deal with A-level study than at this time last year.

I feel that I have progressed significantly since the end of year 10 and I have learnt plenty of new skills and knowledge. I can now motivate myself to independently learn and I have developed new areas of interest.
Since Year 10 I have developed as a person and in my work. I have become a more confident individual and have really benefitted from the whole year block as it has allowed me to become friends with people I did not know before. I have also matured in my approach to work and my subjects, becoming more responsible and organised. I have also built a stronger relationship with my subject teachers which has allowed me to be more confident in asking for help out of lessons.

Overall, I feel as though I have developed as a person since the end of year 10. I now feel more confident in my lessons and subsequently feel more able to participate. I also think that I am better prepared for my future at school than I was at the end of year 10.

I feel like I have developed a lot since GCSE, I am now doing a lot more additional reading around my main subjects than I did at GCSE. I have also taken advantage of a lot more extra-curricular opportunities that I hope I have gained skills and knowledge that will help me in the future.

I feel that year 11 has offered a year to develop my personal skills surrounding learning for example I can now motivate myself to review lesson work on a daily basis which has been beneficial for the understanding of my subjects.

I think year 11 has been a year in which I have become more confident and self-assured. I now feel more able to work on my own with less instruction than was previously needed, and I feel I’ve learnt how to manage time more effectively.

I think I have matured socially and am more comfortable in large groups than I was this time last year. The thing I’ve made the most progress in this year is my confidence, as I am now more able to share my ideas in class.

… all of these things have helped me to realise that the Sixth Form at Colyton is really going to be what I make of it.