IT code challenge - July 2015
Three teams of Colyton Grammar School students recently reached the finals of the Wiltshire and Dorset Code Challenge, held at the London HQ of BAFTA and Academy Award-winning visual effects company Double Negative.

Ben M, Pierre H, and Nicky B (all Year 8), Simon M, Alan B, Josh G, Ewan McW and Ben R (Year 7), were tasked with using computer coding to promote sustainability.

The teams chose to create computer games, such as one where the player has to balance economic and environmental sustainability, losing if they went bankrupt or produced too much pollution.

The teams heard from company designers and Chief Scientist, Oliver James, who told how his team’s research into black holes for the film Interstellar led to a breakthrough in scientific understanding of how black holes distort light.

Double Negative has created effects for Inception and the Harry Potter and Hunger Games films.

Of the three teams ranked ‘highly commended’ in the finals, two were from Colyton.

Head of Computing, Mr Michael Cronk said, “The students produced some excellent entries and asked some searching questions of the experts.”

By student reporter, Alfie H