I am a Year 12 student at Colyton Grammar, and have recently been selected as one of 75 teenage athletes worldwide to participate in a Crossfit-based workshop and competition at Brand X in Ramona, California in July this year.

The event will consist of 2 1/2 days of competition and training from one of the top ten Crossfit coaches worldwide and I will be ranked amongst the best teen athletes in the Brand X programme. This year I have had 1st and 2nd finishes in the European competition held in Manchester and I am currently 6th on the worldwide leader board for my age category.

This opportunity will give me the chance to receive top coaching to help my development within the sport and put me one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a world-class Crossfit competitor. I would like to be an ambassador to other teenage girls leading the way to sport for life not just as part of PE lessons in school.

Whatever I learn, I will bring back and share with teen Crossfitters across the region. I see sport and fitness in young people as really important and Crossfit is a way for young athletes and especially female athletes to participate and compete in a sport for life. Crossfit enables me to build on my gymnastics, to be fit and strong and to compete on a worldwide level, I have been a gymnast at Exeter Gymnastics Club since a very young age and this background has supported my Crossfit endeavours.

In a similar way to gymnastics, Crossfit instils discipline, mental toughness and a real sense of community into the athletes who participate. I would eventually like to coach and inspire other teens in Crossfit and I believe this opportunity will help me to do.

To enable me to attend the competition and training, I am looking to raise £1500 for my flight and accommodation for the three day competition. Unfortunately because the invitations come out only 2 months prior to the event the cost of flights are high but I am determined to do all I can in the time I have to raise the money. I have a fundraising page and will be organising an event in school in the near future.