Mr Stidwell was surprised recently to receive a call about the school’s Ridan Composter, from a consultant in a company in New York providing advice on green issues to universities, other public bodies and companies across America.

The Ridan Composter has been using food waste from Take 5  to produce compost, which is then used on the school gardens.

Mr Stidwell, who spoke with the consultant for about half an hour, said, “It is important to spread our knowledge about recycling and reducing food waste, so to receive a call from New York in the middle of the afternoon was a welcome surprise!”.

An average school in America that is the same size as Colyton Grammar School would waste 160 gallons of food a day, according to the consultant.

A Ridan Composter is a specialist form of composter designed specifically for food waste.  The school has had one for three years.

By student reporter Luke J